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Ubuntu Pro & esm-apps: Universe repo getting curation?

RAID1 farce2

At the end of the last post about my RAID1 farce, Michael Paoli had given great and brilliant advice on dealing with accessing the /var folder in the root file system after I’d mounted a RAID on top of it. Rick Moen, also of Bay Area LUG (BALUG) chimed in with an idea on their… Continue reading RAID1 farce2

RAID1 farce

Smug in my RAID1, laughing at impending disk failure, I see RAID is empty and uninitialized.

Impending disk failure

The “smartctl” daemon (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is warning of impending disk failure:

Device: /dev/bus/4 [megaraid_disk_01], SMART Failure: DATA CHANNEL IMPENDING FAILURE DATA ERROR RATE TOO HIGH

2 ISPs, 1 routing table

Problem: have 2 ISPs – TekSavvy 60/6Mbps cable & Telus fibre – but server uses slower cable connection as default. Solution: edit routing tables. In the past, nmcli (Network Manager command line interface) was used to set the priorities of network interfaces, but that was half a decade ago and I forget how I did… Continue reading 2 ISPs, 1 routing table