We’re seeking input

We’re looking for input from the Linux community: what can we do that you’d be interested in?

We hope to host virtual meetings with presentations from professionals and enthusiasts followed by discussions, Q&A sessions, and – post Covid-19, for those locally, perhaps an in-person snack and / or drink.

Comment below, or email us: mailto:info@bclug.ca.

By admin

Linux admin, JS / React / Python / Perl developer.


  1. I can’t think of any Canadian Linux podcasts.

    Alan Jude(sp?) – a BSD expert – is on 2.5admins.com Linux podcast with Jim Salter (Ars Technica) and Joe Ressington (Linux Luddites, now Late Night Linux and many others).

    Anyone interested in a Canadian Linux podcast perspective?

  2. Also, we could use a logo.

    Ideas kicked around have a penguin, mountains, conifers, and / or a dogwood flower (official BC flower).

    Anyone with a bit of artistic skill interested in helping out? We’d love to hear from you, either via the mailing list or info@bclug.ca.


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