Deploying React Apps

When deploying React apps on Apache or nginx, in a sub-folder of the root / DocumentRoot, there are some issues to consider. While the deployment guide suggests setting “homepage”: “.” in package.json, others have advised against this. Taking that at face value, I used “homepage”: “/react/react-hooks”, which initially appeared to work. However… static images from… Continue reading Deploying React Apps

Array wrapping with modulus

Recently came across a requirement that consisted of a list of items to display which is decorated by a smaller list of colours. The colours were to cycle through and wrap at the end of the list — starting over from the beginning. Mini Challenge 01: Changing Background Colors for Certificates Card Story for the… Continue reading Array wrapping with modulus

Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro & esm-apps: Universe repo getting curation?

RAID1 farce2

At the end of the last post about my RAID1 farce, Michael Paoli had given great and brilliant advice on dealing with accessing the /var folder in the root file system after I’d mounted a RAID on top of it. Rick Moen, also of Bay Area LUG (BALUG) chimed in with an idea on their… Continue reading RAID1 farce2

RAID1 farce

Smug in my RAID1, laughing at impending disk failure, I see RAID is empty and uninitialized.